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Bank-independent refuelling with the Neste mobile app

04/07/2017 - 10:10

It is now possible to refuel with the Neste mobile app using Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards irrespective of the user’s bank. The Neste app is the first application in Finland that allows bank-independent refuelling. Eatech implemented the mobile app for Neste that allows mobile payment.

The payment options of the mobile payment application launched in April have now been expanded to cover all popular debit and credit cards in order to ensure diverse services and a high-quality customer experience to customers. Now it is possible for clients to choose the payment option that suits them best.

The consumer mobile app is only the tip of the iceberg because a back-end system, which connects to the fluid meters of Neste, was implemented, too.

“Not everything happens on a cell phone. Even though the payment data from the cell phone to the meter is transferred in seconds, in reality, a lot is happening behind the scenes between several separate systems,” says Toni Kokkonen, Sales Director at Eatech. “This is a wonderful addition to the service range offered by Neste and also to the systems we have previously implemented for Neste.”

Currently, mobile payments are accepted at over 300 Neste Express, Neste K and self-service Neste stations. In addition, the application helps customers locate the nearest Neste stations and navigate to the one they wish.


Mobile refuelling with the Neste app makes refuelling faster and even more secure. No separate cards or cash are needed for filling up your tank since you can make the payment by simply using your smartphone. Mobile payment is secured with a PIN code defined by the user, so the service is easy to deactivate if the phone gets lost. Mobile payments for fuel will be recorded in the payment log of the Neste application.

“After the card details have been entered into the application, making a payment is easy, fast and safe,” says Kokkonen and continues “Every payment is confirmed with a verification code defined by the user. In order to refuel, you still have to get out of the vehicle but the payment can be made smoothly and fast while sitting inside your car, no matter how the weather is.”

Neste creates sustainable alternatives to meet the needs of transport, business and consumers. In 2016, Neste’s net sales totaled EUR 11.7 billion, and Neste was ranked as one of the world’s most sustainable companies in the Global 100 list.

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