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Working with us

Because our success rests on our employees, we do all we can to make sure that our people are happy here and feeling good. Our employees get to have a say in their own work tasks, which are multi-faceted and challenging. For us, continual self-improvement is the key, which is why in our work we are always getting acquainted with the latest technologies.

what do we do here?

Our customers are companies operating in a wide variety of fields. Our employees work with customer-specific software development, testing services, consulting and systems maintenance. We aim for long-term client relationships, and we want to keep our clients satisfied and close by. For that reason, when working with us you will get to build open and confidential client relationships and see the result of your effort on the practical level also. With us you will get a firm understanding of how solution sales, software development, testing and maintenance all support each other. Meaningful work motivates us.

Trust is big part of everyday life

We trust our staff and we show it by giving them autonomy in their work. You don’t have to ask supervisors for permission at every turn. Instead, our teams are independent and work as they think best. But help can and should be asked for – you are not expected to know everything by yourself! For example, our more experienced employees are effective mentors for those just starting out in the game.

We work together

Our organization culture is relaxed and open, and there is strong cooperative spirit here. We work together continuously to develop our operations and working methods. We want our employees to bring even the craziest ideas to the table and they will be given a chance also to realize them. Our company is shaped by its staff and everyone is included to the team.

Openness is important to us

The doors are always open here and there is no obstacles in approaching your co-workers – there is no unnecessary bureaucracy.

We care about everyone who works with us

We invest in our employees by offering comprehensive employment benefits, which we update from time to time in cooperation with the staff. Development of well-being at work is also a big part of our daily activities. Here are just some of our employment benefits:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Comprehensive occupational health services
  • Lunch vouchers and culture vouchers
  • Snacks
  • Internal events
  • Sponsoring sports events
  • Club free time activities
  • Massage sponsoring

We have a low rate of staff turnover. You will enjoy it here, while proceeding in your career at the same time.

Could you be the latest addition to our team?

We employ students in the final stage of their studies, as well as veterans of the field. What unites our employees is a shared desire to develop themselves and to help our customers make their operations more effective and efficient. We value team spirit and ability to learn quick.

We employ a broad variety of people: there are no clones here. We believe that a combination of different personalities and professional backgrounds complete each other and make the strongest possible team. This makes work more innovative.

If you’re a motivated and smart person, who wants to do serious work in a relaxed way, you could be an ideal addition to our growing team. If you think you’d make a good match, just send us an open application!