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Eatech Implemented the Prize-winning TourGuideFox Service

10/02/2018 - 13:29

The TourGuideFox service developed by Virtual Guide AR/VR was rewarded in the digital innovation competition organized by Business Finland in January 2018. The jury praised especially the clarity of the TourGuideFox concept, the genuine need, scalability and great opportunities for collaboration with several actors. The service differed from the 46 participants also because of its potential to grow internationally.

TourGuideFox offers digitally guided tours that include for example a virtual guide, a guided route planned in advance, entrance fees, food or coffee in some restaurants during the trip and discounts in stores. The service will be provided in the traveler’s own language, such as in Chinese or in Japanese.

The native implementation of the mobile service is made by Eatech. In addition, Eatech also did the graphic design of the service. The concept planning has been made in cooperation with the service designers of Eatech and the team of Virtual Guide AR/VR.

– The development of the service goes on, says Matti Anttonen, Business Architect of Eatech. – The cooperation with Virtual Guide AR/VR has been rewarding and from the beginning the customer has had a strong vision about the versatility of the service. They have been bold in advancing the idea of developing this whole new service that brings different actors together to help the everyday life of a traveler.

The CEO of Virtual Guide AR/VR describes the cooperation: “Eatech was selected as our partner because of its strong competence in mobile apps. Even though Eatech grows strongly and is a developer of big companies, it’s great how they have committed to developing and contemplating also the beginning of a start-up company. At the same time we can be sure that they have sufficient resources and knowhow, once our business starts to grow.”

Read more about the service: http://www.tourguidefox.com/