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Eatech to deliver the event application for Ratina

20/03/2018 - 15:49

Eatech has won the competitive tendering on the mobile application for events in Ratina and the related back-end system. The aim of the application is to provide visitors with useful information and services before, during and after the event. The Ratina application will be used for the first time in July 2018 when Ratina Stadium houses the 2018 World U20 Championships in Athletics. After this, the application can be used with other events in the Tampere region.

The application serves as a tool for content production during the event for event organisers and offers improved visibility for service providers. Visitors can select their favourite events and find directions to the event venue with the application. In the first stage, the users can also search for other services in the vicinity, such as restaurants.

The client is the City of Tampere and the city’s Smart Tampere project, which aims to promote digitalisation. Eatech’s strong network and connections with event organisers and service providers are its key assets in the project. The project is implemented using cloud-based architecture, mobile technology and positioning technology.

“It is great to continue our cooperation on the event application for Ratina with the City of Tampere. We have participated actively in designing this concept at workshops with other stakeholders and have seen that the project has immense potential to bring added value to different operators in the field of event services. I’m looking forward to continuing our close cooperation with different stakeholders throughout the project,” says Matti Anttonen, Business Architect at Eatech.


The Ratina Application is an integral element of the Smart Tampere project, the purpose of which is to promote digitalisation and sustainable development in the city of Tampere. The starting point of the project is to design the digital city of the 2020s, and its special focus areas are guiding services and an enriched customer experience. Its aim is to create a publication channel for events and experiences for recreational use. The mobile application is part of the Tampere Go concept within the Smart Tampere project. Tampere Go wants to bring together the city, event visitors, service providers and event organisers. Eatech already cooperated with the City of Tampere during the concept design of Tampere Go.

Read more about the Smart Tampere project at: http://smarttampere.fi/en
Read more about the Tampere Go concept in our blog: https://www.eatech.fi/en/tamperego-mobile-service/

Further information:
Juha Istolahti, Sales Manager, +358 40 769 8710
Matti Anttonen, Business Architect, +358 41 444 5450