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Eatech Maintains and Develops Pyroll’s Production Control System

01/02/2018 - 14:55

Pyroll Contract Converting provides sheeting and rewinding services, and handles over 500 000 tons of paper and paperboard annually. Eatech has taken a grip on the maintenance and further development of the production control system in Finland and Poland. Pyroll has used the system for a long time, and it’s a critical factory system that needs to function 24/7.

Maintenance and further development include for example carrying out change requests made by customers and partners. The electronic mail of the system integrates in the partners’ SAP and factory systems and takes care of the two-way transfer of the order information.

The system is used in each of the phases of Pyroll’s converting process, from the production and logistics planning and different stages of production to the inventory control. Eatech’s strong know-how on databases and backend as well as the understanding on the business logic of Pyroll make a good cooperation possible.

Pyroll’s Project Manager Petri Kuitunen tells about the cooperation:

“The functionality of the production control system plays a significant role to us. Any problems with the systems always lead to the disruption of production, which in the worst case delays the deliveries to customers. At this point a capable and sufficiently fast system support enables the restarting of the production with the smallest losses possible in. Eatech has overcome this challenge very well and there haven’t been any longer disruptions due to the production control system. Various changes and development ideas from the partners have been carried out quickly in a way that has satisfied the constantly growing demands. In the development Eatech has given ready for use solutions to our wishes and needs for change. In this way it has been possible to continuously develop the system to be more user-friendly and it has helped to make our internal operations more effective.”

In the foreseeable future we will concentrate on the development of the system as a whole by making a good use of Eatech’s know-how on service design. Eatech is in charge of developing the current production control system according to the one-stop-shop principle.

Pyroll Contract Converting is the leading paper converter in Europe and a forerunner also globally. The units are located in Valkeakoski and Siltakylä in Finland, Stryków in Poland, Winschoten in the Netherlands and Baienfurt in Germany. Pyroll is a Finnish, family-owned corporation which was founded in 1973. Pyroll employs over 600 people and the turnover is about 100 million euros.