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Esa Mäkelä from Eatech was selected as the best Finnish boss

03/05/2016 - 06:59

CEO of Tampere-based software company Eatech, Esa Mäkelä, has been awarded as the best Finnish boss by pension insurance company Etera. Mäkelä was selected Finland’s best bosses from among almost 100 other candidates.

In Etera’s Ilmianna paras pomo -competition, the best regional bosses were chosen first and the best Finnish boss was chosen amongst them. The best boss of Western Finland was Esa Mäkelä and eventually he took also the best Finnish boss’s title.

Main criteria for choosing Esa Mäkelä were the value of leadership and entrepreneurship. “Esa Mäkelä has managed to bring the values ​​up to practical everyday life. Euros, growth and well-being are not in conflict with each other – on the contrary, they are in harmony”, says Etera’s CEO Stefan Björkman says. Head of Etera’s well-being services Tomi Hussi says that Mäkelä’s management style has a strong win-win arrangement. Well-being and euros go in the same direction. From the viewpoint of well-being at work, Mäkelä acts systematically and proactively.

Eatech’s CEO Esa Mäkelä was joyfully surprised by their selection. “It’s an awesome thing to be selected as the best among very good candidates. I like the fact that our personell started this”, Mäkelä says. Mäkelä’s subordinate and Eatech’s Financial Officer, Jenni Nieminen, enrolled Esa Mäkelä to the competition.

Etera’s competition has been held since 2013.