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Merita, UX Designer


My first contact with Eatech was through a school project. I was involved in the Demola project at the University of Tampere, in which students create innovative solutions for various business cases. Eatech was coincidentally one of the companies involved, and we made a conceptualization for them. I got a good image of Eatech as a company and I decided to apply to Eatech. The next fall I started at Eatech as a UX Designer.

Variety is within UX Designer’s work

My job at UX Designer is to design the services ordered by customers from a user’s point of view, so that the ordered service would be as comfortable to use as possible. My work is very versatile, as the products and services can be very different. Some of them are entirely new services and some are re-conceptualization of existing products. The best part of my job as UX designer is the versatility of work. I get to work with many different teams with a variety of people, different customers and different types of services.

We’re constantly developing our business

It was great to note that Eatech has given me responsibility from the very start. Eatech really trusts employees’ skills and appreciates their work input. Here, employees are also offered good development opportunities. I have learned a lot about, for example, various UX Designer tools and practices. Also, my industry know-how has developed a lot with projects related to different industries.

While working here, Eatech’s UX team has developed and grown with big leaps. We work with a number of eager and development-oriented usability specialists, all of who want to constantly innovate and develop Eatech’s business practices. I think it’s great that our team communicates actively and exchanges information and ideas. Of course all of the Eatechians are great work mates!

When people ask about my job, I say: “This is just the job I have dreamt about.”