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Topi, Software Developer

I came to Eatech in 2012 after my friend (who worked here) told me there’s a need for new pro. I began in continuous services as a system specialist and after year and a half I resettled to software development. After started working in software development, I also managed to end my Masters studies, because my working hours changed more flexible. Short distance from Eatech to TTY also made the studies easier.

At the moment I basically do different kinds of software projects. I take part in different roles – as a contact person, a project designer or a project executor. I have worked with payment solutions, like cash and monitoring projects, as well as in web projects.

I enjoy my work in Eatech, because here you can decide your own working hours and you can work independently. We have different kinds of people working here and I think it’s a fortune, because we get lots of perspective. Team work helps solving problems and you can always get support in making decisions. Best thing is that you always get to do something new!