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Eatech revamps the mobile version of Jakamo’s “Facebook for Firms”

Jakamo offers a cloud service for communicating and sharing information between manufacturing companies. The service is available both as a browser-based version for computers and as a mobile application. Eatech has revamped the mobile version of the service. Jakamo’s service is not simply a collaboration tool for partners, but also a tool for managing the entire supply chain.

In a nutshell, Jakamo’s goal is to make cooperation between companies smoother on several levels. The old mode of operation involves extensive e-mail correspondence between companies, with contracts, offers and various reports being passed around as attachments. As an alternative, Jakamo offers a service that can be used to manage all the data communication between companies, including transactions, workflows, tasks, documents and discussions. Partners and partnership networks can have discussions and share offers, orders, ideas and reclamations, among other things. These networks comprise the company’s own staff, contractors and clients. Information can be shared with contractors and clients whenever necessary. The company can also invite their partners to participate.

The mobile application, revamped by Eatech, offers the same functionalities as the browser-based interface, including versatile chat features that make it easier to communicate among the entire team as well as via private message. You can also easily access all the necessary documents with the mobile application.

The user interface was designed together with Jakamo.

– Jakamo has a great concept, which is already being utilised by large manufacturing companies in Finland and abroad, says Eatech’s Business Architect Matti Anttonen.

– It has been a pleasure to be a part of developing the mobile version, which makes communication easier and makes it possible to access relevant data away from the work computer. Our collaboration with Jakamo has gone splendidly. They are highly competent and have a clear vision of how the operations of manufacturing companies can be made more effective, and they place great value on a good user experience.

“Working together with Eatech’s team has been great. Communication has flowed excellently throughout the project, from the interface planning stages to the technical implementation and all the way to the publication. As a result, Jakamo’s users around the world can now benefit from an easy-to-use mobile application. This considerably speeds up our clients’ communications and information sharing along the supply chain.” Timo Rossi CDO & Partner, Jakamo

In practice, a company that takes the service into use invites their partners, leading to the growth of the user base and the formation of virtual networks. There are already thousands of users in 50 countries. The good user experience and the concrete benefits gained from the service guarantee the growth of our user base.

Eatech built the mobile application using React Native. The application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. Registering a company account on Jakamo’s website is required for using the application. The basic version of the service is free to use.


Download the free app for iPhone and Android.

Lataa Jakamo Mobile Apple Storesta

Lataa Jakamo Mobile Google Play Storesta

Further information: jakamo.net