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Hakonen Solutions Oy - The development of a customized ERP system


Hakonen Solutions chose Eatech as their partner for the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system development. Among other things, integration into different systems and a mobile user interface form an integral part of the ERP system.


Hakonen ended up developing a completely customised ERP system, because they did not find a ready-made solution which would be compatible with the company’s operational processes. The aim was to develop a web-based system, which includes order management, route planning, customer relationship management (CRM) and resourcing. The customer’s intent was also to remove dependencies on separate systems by integrating the functionalities into the ERP system. In addition, a dynamic mobile user interface and offline accessibility was needed for the system.


Eatech provides software development services to Hakonen for developing their ERP system. System design, technical specifications and implementation are made in close collaboration with Hakonen. Agile software development methods and principles are utilised in the development of the ERP, and Microsoft’s latest technologies are used in software development.


Because the customer is strongly involved in system designing, the result will be as desired. The system is completely developed according to the needs of Hakonen, therefore all of its features support the customer’s business. Thanks to agile methods, delivery cycle is regular and fast. Implemented features are always quickly in production use, and the customer has, when needed, the opportunity to change the system requirements during the development work.


At the moment, Eatech is the main business partner of Hakonen in developing the enterprise resource planning system and serves as the system maintainer. Hakonen appreciates our honesty, reliability and courage. Since the beginning, our partnership has been based on transparency and open communication.

“Eactech is one of those rare IT companies that can collaborate also with other companies in the field and is not solely focused on its own products and processes. We missed that kind of open collaboration with no need to re-read the contract terms all the time.

Eatech also has the ability to attract open-minded and independently thinking employees. These kinds of professionals create the backbone of challenging projects, such as our demanding Scrum project. The management of Eatech also listen humbly and streamline the use of resources for the customer’s advantage. We share the same mentality: ‘work well done is the opportunity to do more ’. I recommend them!”

Johannes Stenius, Development Director, Hakonen Solutions Oy

Hakonen Solutions is a pioneer of service logistics specialising in life-cycle solutions of demanding pieces of furniture and equipment – maintaining, transporting and recycling those – together with its collaboration partners. Hakonen Solutions has a long history, starting from the year 1918. Hakonen has more than 250 experts, and it provides services to both businesses and individuals. The operations of the company focus on co-operation with the customers, who supply products, and they are supported by significant removal services. Long-term partnerships are an indication of successful customer relationship management and they also indicate the ability to evolve the processes continuously to meet the challenges of the period.