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Prima Pet Premium Oy – Sales application to save a lot of time

Prima Pet Premium Oy chose Eatech as their partner for business software solutions. The company wanted to better serve their customers and, at the same time, improve their sales and IT systems. Eatech implemented a sales application which enhances sales performance. The starting point for the sales app of Prima Pet Premium was usability, and the aim was to correct issues hindering sales performance.


Prima Pet Premium, a company focusing on pet food and supplies, wanted to increase its sales, reduce the number of order reclamations, improve estimation of the delivery times and to make product presenting easy. The solution had to work also offline because an internet connection is not a given if you go, for instance, to an underground shopping centre.
Before launching the first version of the product, the salespersons primarily recorded orders in writing on a paper during customer visits and carried printed product catalogues with them. Later, the orders were entered into the computer and sent by e-mail to the office where the same order, at worst, was handled three times before finally being entered into the ordering system.


A solution to this was a sales application for tablets, which was integrated into the ERP system of Prima Pet Premium. With the help of the sales app, product presentations can be carried out smoothly as the salespersons have access to real-time information on stock balance, order history and notes from previous meetings all the time. Orders can be managed from start to finish directly at the customer’s. Sales work is not tied to the functionality of the internet connection as all the functionalities of the sales app are available also offline.


After launching the sales application, the productivity of Prima Pet Premium has improved and its processes have been streamlined. Thanks to the easy-to-use and diverse sales app, the work of the salespersons is now more efficient and customers can be better served, which results in better customer satisfaction. All material and software, such as e-mail, calendar and other basic tools, needed by salespersons are available 24/7 via their tablet computer.

“Thanks to the application, there is no need to enter sales orders by hand. That time can now be used for selling and customer meetings. Salespersons can send an order to be processed already during the customer meeting, and the customer can get the order confirmation immediately, if necessary. This makes the operations seem efficient and reliable also to the customer. A lot of working time is saved in office operations too, since orders are no longer processed manually. Human errors in recording have been significantly reduced.

One of the application’s strengths is its offline feature. It is very pro to be able to see the stock balance and order backlog. You do not have to repeat the ‘sorry, we’re out of stock’ phrase. I dare say that a sales application can really be used to SELL products and services, not only to take orders from customers. I have heard our salespersons to say the same thing. The application’s user interface is clear, and its operation logic is consistent. Even a sales rep used to old habits learns quickly to use the application.” says Lari Majamäki, Development Manager at Prima Pet Premium Oy.

Prima Pet Premium Oy is a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of pet food and pet products. The company originates from Tampere, but is now located in Pirkkala, Finland. Prima Pet Premium has operated in the field since 1999. The company has wide experience and good supply channels with foreign suppliers and manufacturers and, furthermore, it is currently the largest domestically-owned company in the field in Finland.

Familiarise yourself with the Prima Pet Premium B2B online store implemented by Eatech B2B online store.