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Business-oriented IoT

Your partner in IoT project

We provide various IoT solutions based on the customer’s needs – from design and implementation to maintenance. We aim for long-term partnerships with our customers and want to continuously improve processes, services and systems. We will help you, for example, to collect real-time data from sensors and systems, as well as to analyze and visualize business related data. This will help you to make decisions and to execute the right actions at the right times. We offer services, for example, for:

  • integration
  • end user applications and services
  • data analytics and visualization
  • data processing

We can provide our expertise for individual IoT projects or you can let us coordinate the whole project. In device and sensor deliveries, we can utilize our professional partner network.

Data-analytics for proactive maintenance systems

Our specialties also include remote monitoring and diagnostics as one of the IoT application areas. We can utilize our EUS-platform, other commercial or open source platforms or tailor an unique system for implementing these solutions. We will help you to develop the real-time monitoring of business-critical operations, as well as help you react proactively to potential problems. By analysing data in real-time, you can develop, for example, a proactive maintenance system and prevent failures.

Start your IoT project

What are the benefits of the IoT for your business? An IoT project is safe to start with analysing your needs in feasibility study. This will help you move from early ideas to the next level. With a small investment you get a structured overview of the problems, solutions and benefits, as well as clear guidelines for proceeding to the next phase. The need analysis helps you choose the most profitable areas of development.

The technical feasibility and the business benefits of the project can be ensured by implementing proof of concept project (POC). After a successful POC, it is easy to start to more comprehensive development work.

Eatech’s services are suitable for all different phases and areas of an IoT project. We support the implemented solutions with our continuous services, taking care of maintenance and further development according to your specific business needs.