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Consulting and Service Design

We are there to help with identifying the needs for the solutions, planning them and utilizing service design.


How could IoT, mobile applications or new technologies benefit your business? A project can be safely started by identifying the needs, which helps you to move from your initial ideas to the next phase. You’ll get a structured picture of the problems, solutions and benefits as well as clear guidelines to moving forward.

Identifying the needs helps to find the most productive targets for development and the best technologies to achieve that. We aren’t committed to any particular technology, thus from us you’ll always get a neutral estimation of the most suitable technology.

The technical feasibility of a concept and its business benefits can be verified with a Proof of Concept project (POC). After a successful POC it’s easy to move on to the more comprehensive development work.


User Experience (UX) team creates the most user-friendly, intuitive, pleasant and interesting application or software with the help of service design, UX design and graphic design. An excellent user experience is important whether the service is targeted to consumers or professional use.

The methods can include for example involving methods, user interviews and observation, user testing and user interviews or user testing and expert estimations. Prototyping the services can be an integral part of many projects. The visual design can be designed from the very beginning or resting on the customer’s or the product’s graphic charter.

The UX Team is in close cooperation with the development team, the customer and the end users at different stages of the project.

Read more about developing the Tampere Go concept with user-oriented service design in our blog.


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