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Mobile Development

Agile mobile development natively as well as platform independently

Mobile development enables unlimited opportunities to enhance your business. Mobile application is often relevant, if information or service is needed regardless of time or place. Moreover, usage of existing systems can be improved with the help of mobile user interface.

With mobile application, you can:

  • increase sales
  • provide better customer service
  • engage your customers
  • communicate within the company
  • enhance your work.

Using mobile application, salespeople can enter their orders directly to ERP system on the road or deliveryman can enter delivered products directly to the system, etc.

Ease of use is the key factor

The most important part of mobile application is usability, since it determines the user experience and the utilization rate of the mobile application. We focus on the appearance of the mobile application and make it easy to use. Our applications have won awards because of good usability.

Depending on customer needs, we can develop mobile applications with universal application model. Thus, the application is not device dependent and can be operated with a finger, mouse, keyboard, etc.

We have implemented a number of customer-specific mobile applications. We design, implement and improve your mobile application.

Benefits of mobile application

  • smartphone is always with you
  • information can be communicated more efficiently, faster and more reliably than using other media and communication channels
  • information related to work is visible all the time
  • reporting/entries may be completed instantly
  • supervision can be facilitated
  • added value for customer through mobile app
  • marketing messages can be scheduled for buying situations
  • customer service/support can be provided through the application
  • mobile application works without internet connection
  • operations automation with mobile application
  • routine work decreases

Mobile platform and technologies we use:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone/Windows 10
  • React Native
  • Angular.js
  • HTML5
  • Xamarin