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Payment, Merchant solutions and Logistics

Smart payment solutions

Excellent customer experience requires easy payment methods. Also, reliability and security are prerequisites for a workable solution. We ensure our customers’ success through digitalization by providing new payment solutions as well as a comprehensive range of payment methods. Add-on sales solutions, such as the customer loyality benefits, recommendations and analytics confirm the success of marketing and end-customer engagement.

We provide intelligent, customized solutions especially for retail, banking and other payment operators. We have a strong experience in the implementation and integration of various payment solutions. In addition to software development, we also maintain critical software solutions and ensure their continuous operation.

Retail solutions and integrations

In retail sector, we have developed and integrated payment systems in brick and mortar stores, online shops and unmanned systems such as self-service machines. We also act as partners in the development of POS systems. We also implement mobile POS systems integrations, as well as integrations with various payment and back-end systems.

Retail can revolutionize the shopping experience by combining mobile services, intelligent payment solutions and their sales, as well as recommendations given to the customers. The popularity of mobile payments are rapidly increasing, and mobile apps can bring customers significant additional services and benefits. A traditional store, e-commerce and mobile services can be combined into a well-functioning whole.

Smart payment card solutions for retail and banking

Our solutions help you to take care of all services related to the payment card: from the customers´ card application to the invoicing and debt collection. Our solutions include both business and consumer cards, as well as account-type payment solutions. With these we offer a wide selection of mobile and extranet services, that improve the customer experience. In addition, we have experience in a variety of loyalty and prepaid solutions, tailor-made to the needs of both traditional cards and mobile services.

We are able to tailor the solution and interfaces according to customer needs. However, we offer an agile Rest-interface and ready-made interfaces to the leading partners in card authorization, transactions, financial management, invoicing and debt collection.

Using analytics, mobile solutions and virtual/smart card solutions, we offer merchants digitalization that improves the customer experience and builds customer loyalty. In addition to the traditional card solutions, we implement modern payment solutions by combining them seamlessly with other aspects of the customer experience, such as indoor location. For merchants, banks and payment operators we  integrate existing and new systems into a well-functioning whole.