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Software solutions

Software development for your needs

While developing software, we familiarize ourselves with customer’s core processes and business environment. Our goal is not only to develop a software solution that meets the customer’s requirements, but also exceed them. Customer-based software development ensures getting the maximum benefit from the purchased software.

Besides the implementation of the new software solution, we can continue to develop the software of a third-party. We also have strong expertise in integrating the software into the existing solutions.

Agile software development

We prefer agile software development methods. However, our software development is customer-oriented, therefore the project model is chosen according to your needs.

Agile software development ensures the smooth running of software project from beginning to the end. Software development is divided into sprints to ensure that the direction of software development is correct and the software will meet your needs. As a result of agile software development, the delivery cycle is smooth and fast.

Why do we prefer agile development?

Due to agile software development methods, we can react to customer’s changing needs quickly and software requirements can be changed during the software project. This saves both yours and our resources. Agile software development minimizes risks and you have possibility to influence the outcome of the project continuously.

Ensure software functionality

Software testing provides information about the quality of the software. Its aim is to ensure the software is working as desired. Software testing is used to assure that the software meets the technical and commercial requirements, as well as other requirements the customer has set.

We test your software at all levels

With the help of software testing, potential problems can be prevented at an early stage of the project. Software testing is important to start at the beginning of the project, in order that the software would work as required. We combine the correct methods and tools for all software testing stages.

Testing professionals for you

We offer our customers professionals with strong experience. Our experts design, implement and analyze the results of software testing and communicate them forward. They can also help with the building of testing environment and development of testing process.

Our experts have strong experience in agile methodologies, such as Scrum ban and Scrum. We have testing experience in mobile software, industrial automation software, payment systems and embedded software of machines. On the web area, we have tested, for example, production control and management systems.

Test automation

In software testing we utilize test automation in a way that suits the situation best. Test automation reduces manual work, improve test coverage and speeds up software testing. Test automation is part of a multidimensional testing process, but does not completely replace manual testing. Test automation can be used to release time from routine work for critical functionality testing.

Software Subcontracting Services

Whether you need resources for project management, planning, software development or testing, you can turn to us. We fulfill assignments either in our own or at your office. If your resource needs vary, you need professionals to your projects quickly or you want to save on fixed costs, you will benefit from software subcontracting.