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Swiftness and Agility as Key to Partnership of Neste and Eatech

13/02/2018 - 14:56

Neste Plc is a global actor whose operations are known by consumers mainly in Finland, Russia and the Baltics. Neste has trusted on Eatech as a versatile partner for around ten years now. Juho Korpela is responsible for the digital development of Marketing and Services. His team is in charge of Marketing and Services’ digital development and they implement all the visible digital interfaces on their online services, direct sales and extranets, for instance.

“We have collaborated with Eatech for about ten years now. They have helped us with different backend systems and with services meant for consumers” says Juho Korpela. “From our point of view, the best features of Eatech are its swiftness and agility” Korpela adds.


Long-term Cooperation and New Solutions

During the ten years of partnership Eatech has developed backend systems, offered ongoing services and developed software targeted for consumers. “Eatech supports us with different challenges regarding technology” Korpela states.

The latest project finished is a reimagined mobile application for Neste. It helps the consumers to locate Neste fueling stations and learn about promotions. In addition, it enables mobile payments for refueling. Both the process and the end product have been praised by Neste. Korpela calls Eatech “a small but fast and capable software company”.


An Agile Partner

Neste has been pleased with the diversity and agility of Eatech. In digital development the goal of Neste is to launch their digital services as fast as possible. The demands are high, but Eatech has satisfied them successfully. According to Korpela, “in order to provide high-quality consumer services, our partner needs to be very agile.”


Read more about our cooperation with Neste on our reference page: https://www.eatech.fi/en/references/neste/