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TampereGO – mobile service that offers a comprehensive event experience

25/10/2017 - 08:52

Mobile service that connects all the events in Tampere

The City of Tampere has a target: to make all Tampere residents use primarily digital services by 2025. Eatech Oy helps the city to achieve this target.

The TampereGO mobile service, envisaged under the Smart Ratina project, is a platform which brings together the city, visitors to events in the Ratina area, service provides and event organisers. TampereGO was awarded in the companies category of Mindtrek Challenge 2017. The aim of the concept is to promote the services of the pilot area, Ratina, building a business ecosystem between the services and events. The idea behind the application is that it will promote all kinds of events in the Tampere region, from sports events to concerts, and serve tourists and locals alike.

Mobile app helps to provide visitors with a comprehensive experience

The TampereGO mobile service seeks to provide visitors to the event with a comprehensive experience.

Before the event, the service offers comprehensive information on all sports and cultural events in the city. The service makes it easy to buy tickets and complement them with other services in the vicinity. The application also uses positioning data to direct the user to the event venue.

During the event, the visitor receives targeted information on the event, including live and slow motion video and services that are linked to the location or seat. TampereGO seeks to promote a sense of community and strengthen fandom with the help of augmented reality and gamification.

After the event, the visitor receives customised information on after parties and additional services in the city and on future events. As an expert in payment solutions, using safe and quick mobile payments in TampereGO was a natural choice for us. All the services can be paid for with mobile payments, including entrance and bus tickets and food during the event.

User-centred mobile development

For Eatech, the user experience was the first priority when developing TampereGO. The concept designers tried to optimise the interaction between humans and technology by utilising augmented reality, positioning services and data analytics in the mobile service.

Eatech’s operations are user- and customer-centred, which is why the concept was developed with service design methods that involved the residents, users and other stakeholders in the design process. The residents tested, for example, the demo that was developed on the basis of the concept. The idea of a mobile service that would connect all the events in Tampere was well received by the locals and many asked: “When will it come out?”


Read more about TampereGO and Eatech’s user-oriented methods: https://www.eatech.fi/en/user-orientation-first/

Hanna Remula