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User orientation first – Developing TampereGO together with the users

22/11/2017 - 11:51

User-oriented service design methods are an excellent fit for Eatech’s culture of experimentation

The TampereGO concept is part of the Smart Ratina project. It is a mobile service for the visitors, event organisers and other service providers in the Ratina area. The application includes comprehensive information on the culture and sports events in and around Tampere and offers a full event experience to the visitors using augmented reality, positioning services and data analytics.

The developers of the concept wanted to avoid a designer-centred approach, which is why the concept was developed with service design methods that involved the users, residents and the city in the design process. Eatech’s TampereGO team includes experts from a range of fields, from service design, marketing, UX, sales and mobile development to payment solutions. The user-oriented concept development methods are well suited to Eatech’s agile culture of experimentation. Testing ideas at an early stage avoids unnecessary work for solutions that are not needed.

When the draft of the service and its main user groups was ready, we created a wireframe model of the mobile app and the preliminary visuals to be used in concept presentations. Because we want to base our design work on actual user data, we also created a mobile demo for presentation and iteration. After all, we don’t want to design an excellent service that has no users!

Developing the mobile service concept with users

On a Friday in autumn, a group of Eatech UX team members tested the TampereGO concept in the Finlayson area at lunchtime. We wanted to reach adult users who attend events in and around Tampere, and we selected the testing time and place with this particular target group in mind.

We used Guerrilla Testing, which means that the team stopped random passers-by for short demos and quick interviews. The aim of the interview was to find out how well the concept worked and hear the users’ needs and wishes for a mobile service that would span all the events in the Tampere region.

We were just saying that we would need this kind of a service. Cool!

The concept testing went even better than expected. The participants were excited about the concept and embraced the mobile service concept with open arms. We received some vital suggestions and ideas on how to develop the concept. The tests also confirmed that there is a need for the mobile concept we were developing – the interviewees said it would help them to find events and participate in them and improve the customer experience as a whole. As one of the participants said: “Cool!”

We also think it’s really cool to develop this concept together with the users and residents!


Read more about the TampereGO application: https://www.eatech.fi/en/tamperego-mobile-service/

Hanna Remula