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Open applications

we have hidden vacancies

What’s a hidden vacancy? We create tailored, client-specific software solutions, so it is essential to have a broad spectrum of technical know-how. Although new systems are built with new technology, sometimes skills in old and exotic programming languages are needed, as well. For instance, it might be necessary to integrate a new system with client’s existing system, or to ensure that the transfer from an old system to the new one goes smoothly. Therefore, we don’t necessarily know right away what sort of requirements our customer projects will have in the near future.

How to find a hidden vacancy – submit an open application!

We also need project managers, testers, systems specialists and skilled people in many other areas to support every aspect of our everyday operations. And we don’t always advertise vacancies if a suitable candidate has already sent us an open application. For this reason, we interview people all the time based on open applications.